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Medical marijuana can do wonders in managing multiple sclerosis

Managing Multiple sclerosis with medical marijuana

As we dive into more research, we realize that medical marijuana carries promising potential in managing a host of health conditions. One of the most promising effects of cannabis includes managing pain and inflammation. Long Beach medical marijuana doctors mention that if you administer the right dose of cannabis, it can bring huge relief in people suffering from chronic pain. This makes it one of the most prominent medicine for multiple sclerosis and other conditions that cause severe muscle spasms. 

Over the years, there have been various studies that outline the promising effects of cannabinoids in managing neurological disorders. Although a clear role is not yet known, there is strong evidence that active compounds THC and CBD can manage spasticity and neuropathic pain associated with multiple sclerosis. In fact, this condition falls in the list of qualifying medical conditions in California. So, that means you can get a medical marijuana card after undergoing a proper evaluation. It gives you the legal right to access the herb from the state-certified dispensaries.

Legalization has surely been a blessing for the citizens. 

What is multiple sclerosis?

It is a neurological condition in which fatty protein protecting the nerve cell deteriorates. As a result, the nerves are exposed and lose their full functionality. This causes pain, inflammation, fatigue, muscle spasticity, and depression. Your ability to conduct any physical activity decreases and it affects the quality of life. Standard treatment includes using pain management drugs, tranquilizers, and muscle relaxants. These medications work but are not suited for long-term use because they come with a variety of side-effects. Cannabis is a much safer and better option that delivers powerful effects in managing this condition. People who have used cannabis report that they have benefited hugely from the herb and this speaks volumes about its effectiveness. 

The studies that support the efficacy of cannabis

In recent years, there have been various studies that prove the effectiveness of cannabis in managing the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. A placebo-controlled, double-blind study involving 572 people with multiple sclerosis, shows that oral cannabis extract Sativex shows promising effects. The main aim was to compare the different treatment methods using the spasm frequency score,  mean spasticity Numeric Rating Scale, and the level of sleep disturbance. It was observed that all these parameters supported the use of cannabis for MS. 

In another study, the use of Sativex was compared to the placebo. The results showed that people using cannabis experienced more relief than the group using a placebo. Similarly, a survey conducted by the University of Colorado showed that patients using cannabis derivatives experienced quicker results. Active compounds THC and CBD showed marked effectiveness in reducing pain, muscle stiffness, and inability to sleep. One recent study evaluates the effectiveness of CBD in ensuring physical movement in people with multiple sclerosis. It showed that if we take 1:1 or greater ratio of CBD and THC, relief from pain and muscle spasticity is pretty evident. 

Using cannabis for managing multiple sclerosis

Long Beach medical marijuana doctors mention that cannabis is one of the best medicines for managing multiple sclerosis. It’s natural and works without any side-effects. Cannabis is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that work great in reducing pain, muscle stiffness, and inflammation. Living with MS can be pretty challenging and one definitely seeks immediate relief. Luckily, cannabis presents us with a medium to manage this condition with ease. 

If you are wondering how everything works, you need to know about the functioning of the endocannabinoid system. It’s a network of receptors, endocannabinoids, and enzymes that are spread throughout the body. When you ingest cannabis, the active compounds THC and CBD interact with the endocannabinoid receptors to trigger the release of feel-good hormones that bring a sense of relaxation throughout the body.

There are mainly two kinds of receptors: CB1 and CB2. Talking about CB1, it’s mainly present in the brain and binds with THC to channel a feeling of high. This also works great in changing the way how your brain responds to pain. Similarly, CBD binds with receptors in other parts of the body to induce a similar relaxing effect. As a result, you feel relief from pain, and going back to normal self is a lot easier. Although cannabis is effective, it’s important to note that you need to maintain a specific dose that works. If you do it in excess, you are at the risk of intoxication. It’s always better to take the doctor’s advice. 

Doctors have the expertise to guide You

If you decide to self dose on cannabis, chances are that you might not be aware of the right dose. So, it’s always better to contact an expert. They have the knowledge of cannabis to help you figure out the right approach. All their efforts are guided by in-depth research and analysis. Most people miss the fact that cannabis affects each individual differently. A lot also depends on your tolerance level.

The doctor can screen your health and offer a customized line of treatment based on your analysis. There are hundreds of cannabis strains. So, the doctor can help you figure out the best choice for you. In addition, they can educate you about the different consumption methods and help you select the best one based on your analysis. Multiple sclerosis is a chronic condition with no cure yet. So, the fact that cannabis shows a promising potential is a huge sigh of relief for patients. 

Find the right doctor

To introduce yourself to a soothing cannabis experience, it’s important that you find a certified cannabis doctor for yourself. Most cannabis clinics have a team of doctors that have years of experience in helping patients. So, you need to locate a certified clinic to find the best doctor for yourself. Here’s how you can do it: 

1) Do some research

Go through websites and find the top-performing clinics in your locality. Have a look at the reviews and ratings. This is a good way to get a deeper glimpse into the working prowess of a particular clinic. If these are not helpful, you can take references from your friends or family.

2) Check the certifications

These serve as a token of trust that a particular clinic can be trusted. Always check if a clinic the necessary certifications or licenses. A good idea is to contact them directly and request the required information. You might want to visit their website and check if they have listed any certifications. If they deny sharing any information it’s a red signal to consider your search elsewhere. 

Bottom Line

With plenty of research in the works, we can expect a deeper analysis of using it for multiple sclerosis. For now, the results are enough to prove its effectiveness.

If you are battling multiple sclerosis, Long Beach medical marijuana doctors can be your guiding light. They can help you use cannabis effectively for your health. If you are new to using cannabis, you won’t be disappointed with the effects it offers. It will offer you the much-needed relief and help you dive into lasting relaxation.