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How to Determine The Best CBD Dosage For Your Condition?

The Best CBD Dosage For Your Condition

CBD is making the headlines of almost every popular news channel and online sites. And rightly so. After all, it is a wonder drug for millions of patients. And unlike regular cannabis products, you don’t need a medical card Long Beach to access its therapeutic properties. You can go for any form of CBD such as oils, tablets, transdermal patches, creams, lotions, and others. However, very little research is available about the dosage of the cannabinoid. In case you might be asking yourself about the ideal dosage, the answer to that question will be “ not yet known.” Yes, you heard it right. Since the legal status varies among states, so the FDA is unable to control the quality and testing of most of the CBD products. Hence, Long beach 420 doctor states that the dosage of CBD will vary dramatically. Therefore, this article will talk about different aspects concerning CBD and its dosage.

Research Concerning CBD Dosage 

The USFDA approved CBD for only a specific form of Epilepsy. Long Beach marijuana doctors suggest their patients check the dosage as per their condition so that there are no tolerance issues. As per various clinical studies, one can go for oral dosages of about 100-800 mg per day. In other studies, patients with psychosis were able to get back to their normal states after consuming at least 1,200 mg per day for a few weeks. In another study, schizophrenia patients were able to reduce their symptoms by consuming CBD around 10-1,300 mg per day for about four weeks.

The following is a list of different medical conditions and their preferred dosages.

To confirm whether or not a CBD dosage will be useful for yourself, make sure you consult a Long Beach marijuana doctor first. 

What Are The Factors Influencing CBD Dosage?

One size fits all. This phrase is not apt for every person trying to use CBD as a medical aid. For some, small dosages work wonders, and for others, they might need a big chunk of the product to relieve their medical symptoms. Another factor that must be taken into consideration is the weight of the patient. Many clinical trials work based on calculating a dose per kg of body weight. So, patients with low body weight must use lower CBD dosage.

Also, if you are using other medications, it might impact the final effects of the CBD. Make sure not to mix alcohol and CBD, or else you might get the feeling of drowsiness. Also, consider the form of the CBD before finalizing your dose. For instance, capsules have a specific dose, while for oils, it will vary. Check the labels for understanding the dosage of your product of choice. 

Is CBD Safe at Every Dosage?

Although the research is still limited, research suggests that CBD is relatively low in producing any toxic effects. A study found that after giving 1500 mg per day for around four weeks, the participants did not show any withdrawal symptoms after a month’s trial. Another study found that the same dose was well tolerated. Even a WHO report suggested that CBD is not intoxicating at all. Also, Long Beach marijuana doctor shares the same facts about CBD.

Bottom Line 

CBD is a popular natural alternative for many medical conditions. No doubt about that. However, its effects primarily rely on the fact that every person and their condition is different. So, there can never be a single dosage for all. You will need to go through the “trial and error” method to understand what amount will work best for you. However, beware of any fake CBD products and check the label carefully. Or talk to your Long Beach marijuana doctor regarding some recommendations. Also, make sure to obtain your medical card Long Beach if you choose any full-spectrum CBD products.