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Essential Beginner Tips for Growing Marijuana at Home

Tips For Beginners Growing Cannabis at Home

Did you know that you can get a medical marijuana grower license Long Beach and grow your own cannabis? That’s right. You can have your own cannabis plants in your backyard or indoors. So, next time you need a restock, you just have to walk towards your backyard or plant room and get some green herb for yourself. Sounds easy and convenient right? Well, that’s because it is. And growing cannabis isn’t a big deal either. Once you get a hang of it, the plant just grows to give you an unlimited supply of cannabis. So, are you considering growing cannabis in your home?  

If yes, then I can help you make a start. Read along to learn about some important tips that will help you begin with the journey towards homegrown cannabis. 

Research About The Rules

Before you get excited and start making any purchases, make sure that you are prepared for everything. Cannabis is surrounded by legalities. So, you must be aware of all the rules and regulations associated with growing cannabis at home. For starters, acquaint yourself about the limitations on the number of plants you can grow. Every state follows their own medical marijuana program which is why the laws regarding medical marijuana are very different. In all the cities of California, a medical marijuana consumer can grow up to 99 plants or 100 square feet of cannabis at home. 

In addition to this, you may need a medical marijuana grower license in Long Beach to grow cannabis in your home without any legal issues. You can apply for one using telemedicine. Find a clinic you can trust and get a consultation from the comfort of your home. 

But remember, even with a growers license you can get arrested if you are using your harvest commercially or using it for purposes other than personal use. So, make sure that you are thoroughly aware of all the marijuana laws of your state. 

Choose The Right Growing Medium

After you learn about all the marijuana laws of your state, you can decide if having homegrown cannabis is for you or not. If it’s the former, go ahead and decide your growing medium. If you have no history in growing plants or cannabis, you may not know that cannabis can be grown in mediums other than soil. In the case of cannabis, you can grow it both indoors and outdoors. So, you can either choose the good old soil in your backyard or try other options such as the hydroponic mediums. 

Hydroponics  are mediums other than soil used to grow cannabis. It can either be a liquid solution of nutrients or you can also choose other varieties such as Rockwool or Coco Fiber.

The only difference with soil and hydroponics is that while the former can be grown in a pot or your backyard, the latter need a proper hydroponics system.   

Select Your Seeds Carefully

The next step is to purchase the seeds that will grow into your healthy cannabis plants. You can order them online or buy them from a legal dispensary around your area. But, before you finalize your purchase, make sure to keep certain points in mind. Because the quality and type or your seeds will determine the quality of your harvest.

Learning about cannabis strains can help a lot during seed selection. Cannabis has thousands of different strains each of which has different effects and chemical compositions. Take the time to look into what suits you best and buy the seeds accordingly.

The first factor to look into is the quality of your seeds. Make sure that the seeds you buy are not old and are of good quality. Old seeds will grow into a poor harvest and cause plants to have stunted growth as well. Another important factor is to make sure to only buy feminized seeds. These are genetically altered to only produce female parts which prevents pollination. So your plant will produce more flowers. 

Learn About The Importance of Environmental Factors

Cannabis is highly sensitive to the changes in the environment. If you need to have a healthy harvest and higher yield, you must ensure that all the environmental factors are proper for plant growth. So let’s take a look into the important factors.


Cannabis absorbs water through the leaves as well as the roots. This is why you must maintain a proper level of humidity around the plants. Now, remember that the level of humidity should neither be too high or low. Either extreme will harm the growth of the plant and ultimately your harvest. Low humidity causes the plant to absorb more nutrients infused water from the roots which may cause nutrient burn. On the other hand, high humidity will prevent the nutrient absorption through the roots which will stunt the plants growth. Humidity is also the cause of mildew and mold growth and rotting of the buds. So, make sure to stay within a range of 65-80 percent for seedlings, 55-70 percent for the vegetative stage, 40-55 percent for flowering stage and 30-40 percent for late flowering stage. 


Temperature is more of an issue for people growing cannabis indoors. Maintaining the right temperature is crucial because it affects the plant’s ability to perform photosynthesis and grow. High temperatures can dry out the plant and low temperatures stunt the growth. 

So, for proper cannabis growth, maintain the ideal range of temperature of 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 62-68 degrees Fahrenheit at night. 

Maintain a Proper Balance

If a healthy harvest is what you need, you have to focus on maintaining a balance of some important aspects. Here are a few of them,


Most beginner cannabis growers don’t give attention to pH when growing cannabis. But, maintaining the pH is just as important as any other factor. Cannabis has a short window of optimal pH that lies between 6.0 and 7.0. To ensure that you remain within this range, use a pH meter to check the levels of the water and soil before and after adding the nutrients. 


Light is one of the most important factors that determines the growth of your plants. Some even say that the more the light, the better the harvest. Find the right spectrum or color for your cannabis plant according to the strain and its growth stage and you will see positive results in your yield. But remember, even though cannabis plants love light, they are sensitive to fluctuations. They need their light hours as well as dark hours. Otherwise your plant may suffer with hormone imbalances and stress.


Cannabis plants must have a proper watering schedule. Lack of water can cause the plants to dry out and eventually die due to lack of nutrients. On the other hand, excess water can rot the roots and prevent proper absorption of nutrients from the soil. So take the time to figure out the right schedule for watering your cannabis plants.  


Like every other factor, nutrition is also something that your plants need in balance. First, make sure that you feed the plants with both macro and micronutrients. But do so according to the growth stage they are in because the nutrient requirements for each stage is different. 

Now that the basic aspects of cannabis plants are sorted, you can finally get your medical marijuana grower license in Long Beach  and begin your journey towards an unlimited supply of cannabis from your home.