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5 Incredible Benefits of Getting a Medical Marijuana Card

5 Reasons Why You Should Get an MMJ Card

What are the benefits of getting a Medical Marijuana Card?

List of benefits of getting a Medical Marijuana Card:

  1. Exclusive access
  2. Tax exemption
  3. Better Quality and Higher Possession limit
  4. Accessible at 18 Years of Age
  5. Allowed to Grow cannabis at home

While living in the US, you, most likely, have come across the breeze about the therapeutical benefits of cannabis. From stress to depression to cancer, the herb has shown immense potential in helping people deal with a myriad of health conditions. In fact, for this very reason, it is being finally accepted by the people of the country.

Amid all this hype, you too perhaps don’t want to stay devoid of the benefits of this magic plant, right?

Well, you can easily have them at your disposal by simply getting an MMJ card. All you need to do is apply for your medical marijuana evaluations, and if you pass them you can have access to medical cannabis without any trouble.

However, while living in a state like California, you might wonder- Why go through all that hassle when you can get marijuana recreationally?

Well, there are some extremely logical reasons for it. Let’s have a look at them.

Here is the List of Top benefits of getting a Medical Marijuana Card:

Exclusive Access

You might be thinking how an MMJ card gives you exclusive access to cannabis when a recreational user can also buy it. Well, there is a little twist here.

See, a recreational buyer can only visit a recreational or combined 420 dispensaries. They cannot get their supplies from a dispensary reserved for MMJ patients.

However, if you have an MMJ card, you can buy from them without any trouble. Furthermore, even in combined dispensaries, preference is given to MMJ patients, especially at the time of crisis.

You Save Money

If you ever ask an experienced user, you’ll get to know that the herb isn’t a cheap thrill. In fact, sometimes, the strains you need may burn a huge hole in your pocket.

However, a cannabis card can help you save a lot on your supplies.


There are two ways.

First of all, cannabis products usually have a lot of taxes and other charges that recreational users have to pay. However, if you are a medical user, you get an exemption from various such charges.

This way a cannabis card can save you around 20 to 30 percent on your supplies depending upon the state you are living in.

Another way, being a cannabis cardholder may save you money, is that many times dispensaries run offers and discounts especially for medicinal users.

Combining this with the previous benefit, you may sometimes save up to 40 percent while buying cannabis if you have an MMJ card.

You Get Higher Quality, Potency, And Possession Limits

Now, I’m not saying that you get bad quality cannabis as a recreational user. But the bud that is sold to medicinal users goes through a much more rigorous quality check process, which means the chances of you getting a bad bud are far less.

Furthermore, an MMJ card allows you to buy more potent products and in higher quantities as compared to recreational users. This is because sometimes these users may need their treatment to be strong.

Lower Age Limit

Another advantage of having an MMJ card in a recreational state is that you can access cannabis at a lower age.

See, cannabis, being an intoxicating substance, is surrounded by several rules and regulations.

And among these, there is a column defining the minimum age at which someone can use it, which in most cases is 21 years.

However, you can apply for your medical marijuana evaluations at the age of 18 years. And if you pass them, you’ll be allowed to use marijuana without any legal restrictions.

You Can Grow Cannabis Legally

Wanna grow your own marijuana? Well, not every state allows recreational users to do it. And even if they do, there are limits. For instance in California, you can grow only six plants at a time as a recreational user.

However, if you are a medicinal user, you may increase this limit to up to 99 plants by simply getting a medical marijuana grower’s license. And I suppose I don’t need to tell you benefits of growing cannabis on your own.

So, these were the benefits of having a cannabis card even in a recreational state. Convincing enough? What are you waiting for, then? Apply for your online medical marijuana card now.