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Pros and Cons of Growing Cannabis at Home

Pros and Cons of Growing Cannabis at Home

What are the Pros and Cons of Growing Cannabis At home?



  1. Unlimited Supply
  2. Great Long Term Investment
  3. Freedom to Choose Your Strains
  4. Control The Quality of Harvest


  1. Security Concerns
  2. Initial Investment
  3. Time Consuming Process

Are you considering growing your own cannabis? If yes, then there is no better time than now to give it a try. All you need is a few seeds and enough land to grow it on. And if you already have your medical card, you can also apply for a medical marijuana grower license and have as many as 99 cannabis plants in your home. But wait, are you still on the fence about homegrown cannabis? If that is the case, I can help you make a decision.

Pros of Growing Your Own Cannabis

Unlimited Supply

Imagine having an unlimited supply of cannabis and never having to worry about visiting a dispensary or keeping a record of when your stash finishes. You don’t have to imagine any of this if you have your own cannabis harvest at home.

The state allows you to grow your own cannabis and you should take advantage of this law. It gets difficult for a medical patient to get a refill regularly. But with a few cannabis plants, refills will become a thing of the past.

Great Long Term Investment

Before you get excited about having your own harvest, let me tell you that cannabis plants are long term investments. This means that it will give you results over a period of time. Plants take time to grow and mature so you will have to wait a few months before your buds are ready for harvest.

Once the plant is ready, you don’t need to spend any extra money on burying cannabis because your stash is available right at your home.

Freedom to Choose Your Strains

When you are growing your own cannabis, you can choose the seeds and the strain you want. You can even grow as many strains as you want. There will be no restrictions on your growing style.

In fact, you can also experiment with different strains and cannabis products if you like. Just make sure that none of your cannabis-related activities are used for commercial or capital gain. It is purely meant for your personal use.

Control The Quality of Harvest

It is very important for a medical patient to be sure about the quality of cannabis. After all, it is their medication and they need it to be healthy. A poor quality cannabis product can do more harm than good. But instead of being wary about the quality of cannabis from every store, you can be 100% sure of the quality by growing your own cannabis.

You can control the chemicals, growing conditions and nutrients that go in the plant feed. So, you can ensure that the quality of your cannabis plants is the best.

Cons of Growing Your Own Cannabis

Security Concerns

Though the legalization of medical cannabis allows you to grow cannabis, it also means that there are more people in the state who use cannabis. This leaves room for theft for your cannabis harvest especially if you have outdoor cannabis plants.

On the other hand, there are still many people who can’t accept the use of cannabis as a medication. So you may have some neighbors who would want to destroy your harvest.

Initial Investment

Though growing cannabis helps you save money in the long run, it does cost a lot to start the harvest.

For starters, you need to buy high quality feminized seeds. And the more potent the strain is, the higher the price. In addition to this, you would need proper nutrients for each growth stage of the plant, proper water supply and humidity controlling machine. And if you are growing indoors, you would need proper grow lights too. That’s a lot of initial investment to have cannabis plants. However, the cost may not be that high if you are growing a few plants.

Takes A Great Chunk of Your Time

If you have invested in cannabis plants, you need to care for the plants too if you wish to have a healthy harvest. Improper growing conditions can cause the buds to mold, rot the roots and even kill the plant altogether. So you have to be very careful with your cannabis plants. Make sure that they get the right nutrients, have the proper light and dark hours and aren’t drowning in water.

Now that you have some basic ideas about the two sides of growing cannabis, you can make a better decision about having the cannabis plants at your home or not. So go ahead and take your time to decide which side you are on.