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How To Be Safe With Cannabis Edibles?

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So you decided to take the edible route to get the cannabis experience. Good choice! Edibles give you a variety of products to choose from, a better high and the convenience of cooking at home. And on top of all that, edibles are free of the many health risks that are usually associated with smoking. But before you go ahead and gulp down your first gummy or cannabis lemonade, you must learn to be safe with the consumption process. Cannabis is a psychoactive medication that needs to be used only under safe conditions. So how do you maintain safety around cannabis edibles?

For starters, consult 420 doctors in Long Beach and get a medical card. The professional will give you the best guidance about using cannabis edibles safely. When you do that, go ahead with the following points.

Choose licensed sources only

When you are looking to be safe with cannabis, start from the very first step- your cannabis source. If you are going to consume edibles that are not of good quality, your safety is compromised there and then. But you can avoid this by buying from legal sources only.

Every legal dispensary or online source that serves cannabis products will be registered with the government. You can find the information on your state’s site or scan the QR code available at the dispensary. Trust a source only when you can confirm that they are registered with the government. This is important because all licensed dispensaries and online stores have to comply with the quality standards and safety protocols set by the state government. So you can rest assured that their products will be safe too. They are also properly labeled to give you a heads up about all the ingredients of the product.

Illegal sellers on the other hand have no such obligation. They are usually without labels so you won’t have any knowledge about the components and possible allergens in the edible. 

It’s important to microdose

Whether you are consuming edibles for the first time or the 100th, it is important to never go overboard and always practice microdosing. Because controlling a dose with edibles can be more difficult than other methods. Edibles are processed in the body through the digestive system. So for your dose to work, it has to pass through the different organs of the digestive system and only then will it be absorbed in the bloodstream to deliver any effects. But, it takes time.

This entire process is the reason why the onset of edibles varies from 30 minutes to 4 hours. Some people lose patience within this time and take another dose and end up overdosing. It can be risky for beginners. 

Microdosing is also important because your liver works to convert THC to a more potent 11-hydroxy-THC. With this conversion, the effects become stronger and sometimes even last longer which may not be tolerable for a beginner. 

Avoid eating on an empty stomach

You may have come across the habit of consuming edibles on an empty stomach. If not, then let me enlighten you. Some people take edibles on an empty stomach to make them kick in faster. Does it work? Yes. Is it safe? Absolutely not.

Edibles will definitely work faster but deliver strong effects too. You put yourself to the risk of overdosing or symptoms of overdosing like nausea, anxiety and paranoia. In addition to this, there is a slight probability that you may consume more because of hunger. Because it is easy to get carried away with edibles due to its slow onset as well as the obvious fact that it is food. 

So make sure that before every cannabis session you have a hearty and healthy meal or at least some food. Because even as per the medical professionals, consuming edibles on an empty stomach is an ‘ill-advised tactic’.

Consume in a safe setting

Cannabis is made up of psychoactive components. It means that the more than 400 chemicals in cannabis can alter the functioning of your brain. Loss of perception, impaired reflexes, loss of memory and lack of judgment are some of the many psychoactive effects of cannabis. And considering that edibles can hit you more strongly, it is best to avoid any kind of activity after consuming cannabis. No driving, no cooking or any other activity that can put you or others at risk. 

The best option is to stay at home and consume edibles while watching a movie on your couch. In case it is your first time, you can always ask for the company of a trustworthy person who can keep a check on you.

Learn how to deal with an overdose

Yes, you can overdose with cannabis especially with edibles. It is very common for people to consume more edibles that their body needs. This happens because of the slow onset as well as the difficulty of managing the right dose. But instead of fearing the situation, be prepared to face it in case it happens. Here are a few tips that can be effective in sobering up from an intense high. 

  • Take your mind off the high with a bath, by watching a movie, talking to a friend or even going for a walk.
  • If it is intolerable, sleep it out.
  • Eat something and see if it helps.
  • Drink water to flush out excess THC from your body. 
  • Keep CBD products handy. It can help block THC from reacting with the receptor and reduce the high.
  • In case the symptoms get too severe, contact a doctor immediately.

Safety Tips while cooking edibles at home

There is a whole list of safety measures that must be followed while cooking edibles at home. It is not an easy process to cook with cannabis at home but once you gain experience, it becomes a safe and fun way to consume edibles.  Until that happens, start with these precautions.

  • Know the strain type you are using to have a proper estimation of the dose.
  • Consult a 420 doctor or a professional to know the right dose.
  • Always check the potency of your edible. 
  • Label them properly to allow others to differentiate between the regular and infused food.
  • Remember to decarboxylate before adding dried buds in the food. 

Having gone through these points, now you can use edibles with safety. But before anything else, just remember to apply for a medical card as to not only be safe with cannabis but also with the legalities that surround it. Also, it expires after a year. So do not forget to get an MMJ card renewal to continue being safe with cannabis.