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4 Important Factors That Affect Your Cannabis High

Factors That Can Affect Your Cannabis High

What are the 4 factors that affect cannabis high?


  1. Strain Type
  2. Delivery Method
  3. Dose
  4. Environmental Factors

Cannabis is known for its characteristic high that helps most patients get the calm and sedative effect that their medical condition needs. But, if you are a beginner who has just received their medical marijuana card and never entered the realm of cannabis, understanding the concept of a ‘high’ may be difficult. Especially because the idea is different for different people.

If you go around asking people about their experience with cannabis or the high they experience after their sessions, you will find a lot of dissimilarities in the answers. Why is that?

Well, cannabis high can be different based on a lot of variable factors. Each person has a different set of factors which makes the entire experience a little different from that of others. So, if you are wondering how your high will be after your first session, the answer is inconclusive. But, you can have some idea based on these 5 important factors.

Here are the 4 Important factors that affect your cannabis high:

Strain Type

Before you begin your cannabis treatment, you will have to take some time out to figure out the best strain for your medical condition. A strain should help you achieve the effects you need and not worsen it. So if you don’t choose the strain correctly, you may end up with effects that are opposite of what you need. This is because of the different chemical compositions of the strains.

Each has a set of cannabinoids and terpenes. The combination and ratios vary in every strain. This change can have a significant impact on your high. For instance, if you are using a cannabis strain that has high THC content, the high will be more potent compared to a low THC strain. Terpenes also play a role in enhancing the overall experience.

Delivery Methods

The next step after choosing a cannabis strain is choosing the right delivery method. The way you introduce cannabis in your body has a lot of impact on the high you experience. Take joints and edibles for instance. Smoking joints deliver instant results and the effects peak within an hour. But in the case of edibles, the effects may be more potent.

Due to the digestive process involved in edibles, THC gets converted into a more potent compound called 11-hydroxy THC which makes the effects more strong. So, with edibles, the effects may take time to kick in but the high may be stronger than expected.

These variations are the reason why delivery methods can result in different highs.


Your right dose of cannabis will be very different from the person across the room. That’s because your individual factors such as medical condition, metabolism, age, delivery method etc. vary from the other person.

Now, your dose will determine the high you will experience. The higher the dose, the more high you will feel. But, don’t take this as an excuse to increase your dose. Cannabis overdose is a real thing. It is not fatal but can cause severe effects such as paranoia, headache and severe anxiety.

In some cases, you may even feel a hangover of the effects on the next day. So, make sure to connect with your doctor to find the right dose and have a smooth high. You can also practice micro dosing to find your right dose and get the best experience with every session.

Environmental Factors

Believe it or not, the environment you are in while consuming cannabis can affect the high you experience. Even if the strain, delivery method and dose is the same, the high may be different on different days and in a different setting.

But you can use the change in setting and mood to your advantage. You just need a little hit and trial. Observe your effects in different settings and keep track of the mood before and after your session. The one that gives the best results is the winner.

So next time you feel confused about the high you experience after a cannabis session, take time to understand these factors. Make a note if any of the mentioned factors can be the reason why your cannabis high is affected and make the necessary changes. Hope this will help you have a better cannabis session every single time.