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3 Best MMJ Strains to Manage PTSD

A lot of people consider PTSD to be a condition of veterans who returned to their homes after fighting in brutal conflicts. But reality cannot be further away from this. PTSD can happen to absolutely anyone. Average civilians who haven’t fought any wars or conflicts can suffer from the condition as well. Having PTSD is no sign of weakness or frailty. It is a psychotic condition that happens after a person is involved or witness a traumatic event. This could be a violent assault, natural disaster, rape, witnessing death, or an accident. 

PTSD can be very unrelenting. It makes people angry, fearful and stressed. It even causes nightmares and flashbacks. PTSD is one of the most common mental condition that plagues our country. As of now, there is no particular treatment for the condition, but there are several medications that can help you manage it. 

Medical Marijuana 


The medicinal form of cannabis is one of the most controversial aspects of the American healthcare industry. Although considered illegal federally, medical marijuana has been legalized by several states in the country. You can visit a Long Beach medical clinic and get yourself a recommendation to legally access quality MMJ products.  

Here are the best MMJ strains you can get to manage your PTSD. 



It is one of the most famous cannabis strains in California. Cannatonic is a cross between MK Ultra and G13 Haze and is created by Resin Seeds. This beautifully balanced hybrid is an excellent daytime strain that will uplift your mood. The high CBD content will ensure that. Also, Cannatonic has a distinct aroma. It has an earthy scent with sweet citrusy undernotes. 

Amateurs will be surprised to learn that even though the strain is packed with CBD, it offers quite a decent high. No, you won’t be locked to your couch or feel stoned, but it gives you a mellow high that works perfectly for people who have PTSD. It is used for the treatment of various conditions, including PTSD, migraines, depression, and chronic pain. 

OG Kush


OG Kush is a gem of a strain. It is unquestionably one of the most popular strains in the country. Its origin is a mystery, but it is rumored that it is a cross between Hindu Kush and Chemdawg. Although never confirmed, many people believe OG stands for Ocean Grown, which may signify a Californian heritage. The strain is highly potent, with THC levels reaching 27%. And don’t worry about its availability, you can find this strain at your nearest dispensary easily. Just make sure you have a recommendation from a Long Beach medical clinic. 

OG Kush is one of the most uplifting strains. Take a couple of whiffs, and you will experience intense cerebral effects paired with a strong euphoria. A couch lock often follows this. The strain is perfect for people with PTSD, as it provides a beautiful balance of body melting euphoria and a calming sensation throughout your body. In Long Beach, medical marijuana is legal. So, get yourself the treatment you deserve. 

Pineapple Express


Even the people who have not much knowledge about cannabis would have heard about Pineapple Express. Quite famous because of the movie with the same name starring Seth Rogan and James Franco. Although not as potent as the movie suggests, the Sativa dominant hybrid is a smooth and well-balanced strain. It boasts a THC content of about 20-27%, so yes, expect a little punch. 

Pineapple Express is associated with strong cerebral effects with full-body relaxation. In addition, it is body numbing, which is useful if you have pain or aches. And most importantly, Pineapple Express is a strain for PTSD patients. It helps provide relaxation and melts away any stress that you have. You should definitely add this to your checklist. 

Final Thoughts


In Long beach, medical marijuana has become a staple form of medication. And rightly so! It has proven to be quite useful in the treatment of a wide range of conditions, including PTSD. You can access the herb legally by getting yourself a recommendation. Visit a Long Beach medical clinic and get access to these quality MMJ products.