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The Ultimate Outdoor Cannabis Grow Calendar For 2022

Cannabis Calendar

There are many benefits of growing cannabis plants outdoors. Lots of light, good soil, water supply, etc. For growing bigger buds, you must take care of all these parameters carefully. I mean the right amount of nutrients, light, water, etc. What’s more? Monitoring different cannabis growth stages. An outdoor cannabis calendar 2022 allows you to keep track of different things related to growing easily.

For growing cannabis legally, you require a rec signed by a medical marijuana doctor. If you don’t have one, get it today.

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Outdoor Cannabis Grow Calendar 2022

  • January to February – Buying seeds
  • February to April – Germinating seeds
  • May to mid-June – Moving plants outdoor
  • Mid-May to August – Topping & pruning plants
  • September to November – Harvesting

an infographic showing the out door cannabis calendar in visual format

Location plays a key role when it comes to growing marijuana plants outdoors. This is because climate, soil, water, etc. decide whether you can cultivate a strain in your region.

So, what’s the best climate for growing marijuana? Well, it varies from region to region. Most strains grow in the Mediterranean climate—warm to hot followed by mild fall. Oregon, West Coast California, and some parts of Washington have this type of climate.


Important Dates to Remember

When to start growing cannabis plants? A simple reminder is—the Spring Equinox. This is the best time to germinate your seeds. The most common method to do so is to use paper towels soaked in distilled water.

Light is one of the major requirements for cannabis plants to grow. So, make sure your plants receive maximum sunlight. It’s good to get the plants outside by Summer Solstice.

Climate change can have a great impact on cannabis buds. Don’t harvest the plants until it’s Fall Equinox.

Curing and storing marijuana, and making recipes, such as canna butter. Do so before the Winter Solstice.

Cannabis Growth Stages

There are primarily four different cannabis growth stages—germination, seedling, vegetative, and flowering. It usually takes 10-32 weeks for cannabis to grow from seeds to plants.

It’s important to note that the time frames of these stages may vary depending on weather conditions. So, it’s good to learn how to grow cannabis plants in your region. A short vegetative stage can make your plants flower early while the long stage increases the flowering cycle. Thus, you should have comprehensive knowledge of how much water, nutrients, light, etc. you should give to your plants. A nice grow journal can help you with this.

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Different strains have different medicinal properties. Your medical marijuana doctor can help you know which strains are perfect for your condition. Thus, you can grow specific strains for managing your condition.

Complete Process to Grow Cannabis Plants Outdoors


Get Seeds

Firstly, you need to decide the strains you want to grow. Consider the local climate before purchasing the seeds. It’s good to do complete research on growing the specific cannabis strains in your region.

Germinate Them

It takes 3-7 days. Many prefer germinating seeds indoors because it’s easier to control the temperature inside. However, you can use a small greenhouse for germinating seeds outdoors.

Get Them Outside

To grow properly, plants need full sunlight. So, it’s a good idea to move them outdoors. Make sure they are at least 6 inches before getting them outside so that they can adapt to the weather conditions.

Topping & Pruning Plants

These activities help to keep cannabis plants healthy and also promote quality yields. Topping is usually done when the plants are in the vegetative stage for redistributing growth hormones throughout the plant. And, by cutting the branches that are dead or receive little sunlight, you can redirect the plant’s energy towards quality buds.


When you should harvest buds depends totally on the kind of strains you are growing. Sativas usually grow taller than Indicas, thus are harvested later.

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Final Thoughts

Outdoor cannabis grow calendar 2022 allows you to keep a record of what to do when, such as germination, pruning, harvesting, etc. For a cannabis plant to grow properly, it takes 10-32 weeks, depending on the type of strain you are growing and the climate in your region. So, it’s good to do complete research about different strains, and how to grow them.

To grow cannabis plants legally, make sure you get a doctor’s recommendation. We at Long Beach MMJMD’s provide medical marijuana recommendations online. We have been operating for many years and have thousands of satisfied patients. Using telemedicine technology, it’s very easy to apply for a 420 evaluation.

The process is:

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  • Receive recs in PDF via email