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Let’s Understand How Cannabis Affects Different Hormones

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Hormones play an important part in regulating hunger, mood, sleep, and fertility. If you have consumed cannabis, you must be aware that how it affects our mood, appetite, and sleep. So, it’s pretty evident that the herb interacts with the hormones. Well, how? Before we discuss this further, make sure you have a medical marijuana card that gives you the legal right to access cannabis from state-certified dispensaries.

The Endocrine And Endocannabinoid Systems

Hormones are chemical messengers secreted by the endocrine system through a network of glands and organs. The major glands are the thyroid, pituitary, hypothalamus, pineal, adrenal, testes, ovaries, and parathyroid. There are around 50 hormones in the body. Some act on specific organs to control vital functions while some stimulate other glands to release specific hormones.

Now, when we talk about the endocannabinoid system, it’s a network of receptors, enzymes, and endocannabinoids spread throughout the body. The ECS has a role in bodily processes such as sleep, appetite, mood, metabolism, and fertility. The endocannabinoid system helps in establishing homeostasis. In other words, it helps in establishing balance within the body. This means that the endocannabinoid system oversees every hormonal system and neurotransmitters in the body.

There is enough evidence to prove that the ECS plays an important role in sleep, sexual function, and appetite.

Cannabis And The Relation Between Hormones

You must be aware of the munchies that come after smoking cannabis. So, this cements the proof that the herb does have an influence on appetite. Let’s see how cannabis affects different hormones.


Ghrelin is the core hunger hormone produced in the body. A study shows that the consumption of cannabis increases the production of ghrelin in the body. In fact, ingesting cannabis orally leads to higher ghrelin levels than through vaping and smoking. Plus, there is increasing evidence that the endocannabinoid system has a positive interaction with ghrelin. So, when you consume cannabis, there is a spike in ghrelin levels which leads to hunger and makes you eat more.


The fat cells in the body secrete Leptin which signals the hypothalamus to regulate the intake of food. As a result, it helps in regulating body weight. This explains the reason why cannabis smokers have low body fat levels that contributes to better weight management. That’s because cannabis users have low leptin levels than non-users. The more fat you’ll have in the body, the more leptin will circulate in your body to regulate that fat. As a result your appetite increases and metabolism decrease leading to weight gain.

Glucose And Insulin

Cannabis also influences insulin activity in the body that helps in regulating blood sugar. At optimum insulin levels, glucose is directly utilized to provide energy to the body. Well, insufficient levels of insulin means that glucose is not metabolized and this leads to a spike in sugar levels eventually leading to diabetes. Well, studies suggest that cannabis can decrease insulin resistance leading to better glucose control.

So, all this interaction between different hormones and cannabis proves that the herb induces a positive effect on the body. Well, it’s important to remember that cannabis works best if you take it at the right dose. Excess of it won’t benefit you. So, it’s essential that you have a word with the cannabis doctor who can guide you towards following the right approach to using cannabis. They can screen your health and help you access an MMJ card that allows you to access cannabis legally.

Get a Medical Marijuana Card

Getting a cannabis card can make things easier for you. Well, in order to get one, you need to find a certified cannabis clinic. Do some research to analyze ratings, certifications, etc, and find the best choice. Once you do that proceed with the next steps.

1) Apply

Fill in a simple application form by entering your details and the clinic analyzes it. Next, they link you to a certified cannabis doctor.

2) Talk to a Doctor

A certified cannabis doctor interacts with you via video call. The main aim of this process is to check if you have a qualifying medical condition that can be managed with the help of cannabis.

3) Get Your Card

If you qualify, you are eligible to own a medical cannabis card. You can use it to access your favorite strains and manage your health.

Well, with this information about the interaction between cannabis and hormones, you are more equipped with more information to use cannabis effectively for your health.