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Top Differences Between Cannabis Concentrates and Flower by a Medical Marijuana Doctor

Cannabis Concentrates And Flowers: Differences by a Medical Marijuana Doctor

There are many ways to consume cannabis whether you are using medical cannabis or recreational cannabis. Smoking cannabis flower is one of the most popular and traditional methods of consuming cannabis. But many other cannabis products are also attracting cannabis enthusiasts across the United States.

Cannabis concentrates are part of those other products. These cannabis products are gradually becoming more and more popular among both medical and recreational cannabis users. However, if you are a medical cannabis user, you should consult a medical marijuana doctor before using concentrates. You can ask your medical marijuana doctor about using concentrates when you go for a 420 evaluation.

If you are used to smoking flower then the potency of concentrates can be intimidating for you in the beginning. But once you start using cannabis concentrates and extracts, you probably wouldn’t want to go back to smoking flower. There are many differences between cannabis concentrates and flower. And today, we are going to look at some of the top differences between these two. So, just read along to learn how cannabis concentrates are different from the cannabis flower.

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Medical Marijuana Doctor Says Concentrates Are More Potent:

This is one of the biggest differences you will notice between cannabis concentrates and flower. Cannabis concentrates and extracts are way more potent and stronger than cannabis flower. With so many cannabis strains out there, usually, THC levels in cannabis buds stay between 10 to 25 percent. But that’s not the case with cannabis concentrates.

Typically, concentrates come with about 50 to 80 percent THC. In addition to this, there are some extracts that may contain more than even 90 percent THC.

The higher potency means you are going to experience a stronger high with cannabis concentrates. This can scare off any new user, and dosing also becomes trickier with concentrates.

But thanks to their potency, you can get relief from your pain while using less of the product. Just make sure you are paying attention to your dosage. This is the reason I insist medical users consult a medical marijuana doctor before using concentrates. Also, you can choose CBD-rich concentrates if you are a beginner. This way you won’t have to worry about getting too high.

The Difference Between Their Flavors

Well, when it comes to flavor, I would personally go with flower. Cannabis buds have that natural, familiar, and lovely flavor that you may not experience with concentrates. I love the aroma and flavor of cannabis, and I want to experience that flavor when I’m consuming it.

There’s just something about those flavors! But during the extraction process, some concentrates may lose those aromas and flavors.

Cannabis buds get their taste, aroma, and flavor because of terpenes. These are the oils that the cannabis plant secretes, giving the buds their unique flavor, taste, and aroma. But terpenes are very sensitive to heat, which makes it difficult to preserve them through the extraction processes.

However, a well-made concentrate can also contain flavor, sometimes more concentrated than flower. You can enjoy this flavor by dabbing or vaping concentrates. Just experiment with different concentrates to find which one you enjoy the most.

Different Ways to Consume Cannabis Concentrates:

You got your MMJ card after your 420 evaluation, and now you are ready to consume cannabis. With cannabis bud, you can either roll and smoke it or vaporize it. There’s not much you can do with cannabis bud other than these two options. But with concentrates, there are various ways in which you can consume cannabis. The unique forms of cannabis concentrates give you these options –


One way that is becoming very popular among cannabis users is dabbing cannabis concentrates. Also, with dabbing, you can enjoy the potent dose of cannabis with ease.

Ingesting Oils:

The effects of ingesting oils are similar to the effects produced by edibles. They slowly kick in and can last for much longer.

Sublingual method:

Tinctures are one of the easiest ways to consume cannabis concentrates. You just have to place a few drops under your tongue and hold it there for about 40 to 70 seconds.

Smoking hash:

Another great way to consume cannabis concentrates is by smoking hash.
Vaping oil: You can also find portable pens that are designed for vaping oil.