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A Beginners Guide For Taking a Tolerance Break

Guide to a Tolerance Break For Beginners

The one piece of advice that every new cannabis consumer should remember before getting an mmj card in Long Beach is to research as much as possible. Cannabis is not just a green herb meant to give you a high. There are a lot of other important factors that a consumer must be aware of to have the best experience with safety.

For example, cannabis tolerance breaks. 

If you ever begin using cannabis, you’ll be told to be safe, choose the right strains and delivery methods and maintain a low dose. But usually no time and effort is put into talking about tolerance breaks. Considering it as an inevitable phase for every consumer, cannabis tolerance breaks should be discussed in detail. That’s exactly what we’ll be doing here.

What is a Cannabis Tolerance Break?

Let’s begin by understanding what cannabis tolerance is. The cannabinoids from the cannabis plant enter our bloodstream and react with the CB receptors of the endocannabinoid system that are spread all across the body, from the brain to the toes. The reaction then disrupts many brain functions like secretion of neurotransmitters, working of the immune system, transfer of signals etc. And this disruption is what results in the array of therapeutic benefits that cannabis is known for today. 

All these changes and effects that cannabis delivers, specifically the euphoric high, are not a normal state of being for the body. So, every time you consume cannabis, your body tries to return to a normal state. One of the ways it is achieved is by internalizing or desensitizing the CB receptors. In other words, the CB receptors are made less available for interaction with the cannabinoids. Or you can say that your body has developed a tolerance to cannabis. As a result, a cannabis dose becomes less effective after continuous use. And sometimes, you may even need a higher dose or choose a stronger strain than you already have. 

However, you can reverse this state and make your body reactive to cannabinoids again. How?

You guessed it right, with a tolerance break. 


As the name suggests, you require a break or total abstinence from cannabis to step out of this tolerance. And if you succeed, you’ll be able to use cannabis again without the need for a high dose or a stronger strain. 

How to Take a Tolerance Break For The First Time?

Taking a tolerance break may not be as easy as it sounds. If you are one who lacks determination and self control, a t-break can be a very difficult task for you. So the first step is to develop a strong determined mind. Once you do that, try the following tips to succeed with a tolerance break.

Identify the Reason For Taking a T-break

A tolerance break should not be forced upon oneself. You should be aware of the reason why you need a tolerance break. So you must take the time to identify whether or not you need a t-break and if yes then why. 

Not all people are required to reverse their tolerance. Not immediately at least. It is because everyone develops tolerance at different rates. Some may develop it within a few days while others may not feel the difference for a long time. The deciding factors like the frequency of consumption, genetics, strain type etc. can determine the pace of your tolerance. So don’t follow a path just because someone else is doing it. 

But if you use cannabis for medical reasons and you feel that the effects are not the same as before or that you are indulging more than you should, you have to take a break. When you identify the reason, it’s much easier to stay focused and determined to complete the process successfully. Also, the reason for a break also helps you decide the duration of your abstinence. It can be anywhere from a few days to a month depending on your reason. 

Prepare Yourself For Withdrawal

Cannabis gets addicting after some time. It’s just one of the many side effects of the green herb. This is why, when you suddenly stop delivering cannabis to the body, you experience withdrawal symptoms. It is also the main reason why it can get difficult to complete tolerance breaks. 

The withdrawal symptoms can vary from person to person. Depending on different factors like your tolerance level, gender, age, genetics and history of use, your symptoms can be mild or severe. Some of the common withdrawal symptoms are:

  • Craving for cannabis.
  • Lack of sleep
  • Moodiness
  • Irritability
  • Headache
  • Loss of appetite
  • Cold Sweats
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea

So you must prepare yourself to experience one or some of these effects during a tolerance break. It’s also best to inform your friends and family beforehand so that they can also be prepared and learn how to handle your symptoms. 

Clear Your Stock

A drawer stocked with cannabis or even a single dose isn’t going to help if you are abstaining from cannabis. It is very likely that while experiencing withdrawal, you may feel like having a single small session. In that case, your hidden stash may act as a temptation that will ruin all your hard work and determination for completing a tolerance break. 

So let go of all temptation with your stash, accessories and anything that increases the craving. You can give it to someone you trust. Since you are keeping away from any reminders of cannabis, keep some distance from friends who consume cannabis as well. It’s just an extra step to ensure that you complete your break successfully.

Start a Healthy Routine

You are stuck to a habit when you have a specific time for your cannabis dosage. So for completing a tolerance break, starting another habit can help overcome your need for cannabis. The best way to do this is by setting up a new healthy routine. 

A tolerance break is all about flushing the excess THC from the body. So when creating a routine, begin by creating a diet for yourself. Include all the necessary nutrition and avoid unhealthy components like sugar, salt and processed food. When you eat healthily, your mood gets better automatically. Also, maintain a proper hydration level. Water is the best way of detoxifying the body so stay high on fluids. 

You can also include a workout into your routine. Be it high intensity activity like running or weight training or light intensity activity like yoga and meditation, including them into your routine will help keep you healthy as well as create a distraction. 

Shift to CBD For Some Time

The main cause of high cannabis tolerance is THC. The more THC you consume, the faster your tolerance will develop. So you can take a break by shifting to CBD as well. It’s a better way of reducing tolerance without compromising most of the health benefits. It is legally available across the US, so there won’t be an issue of accessibility. 

CBD works because it develops reverse tolerance. So it won’t cause the need for increasing the dose or consuming a more potent strain. 


Now you have a better idea about what is cannabis tolerance and how to break it. So if tolerance becomes a hindrance between you and your medical solutions, now you know how to take a tolerance break successfully and continue using cannabis for the best experience.