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Top 4 Marijuana Strains to Enjoy This Christmas

Top 4 Marijuana Strains to Enjoy This Christmas

2020 is about to end. And god, the year has been one of its kind. I don’t think we are going to forget it, perhaps ever (all credits to the COVID-19 pandemic).

But hey, let’s keep this typical 2020 mood aside and get into the fun mode. The holidays are here guys! And I think, there’s a reason why they are left for the year end- So that we could end things up on a good note, even if the year wasn’t much in our favor.

Christmas is just around the corner. And though the year wasn’t ours, we ought to say a happy goodbye to it. Now, what better way of doing it can you think of than enjoying it with your favorite cannabis strains? Cannabis is surely a great way of forgetting your troubles and enjoying the last few days of the year in the best way possible.

What are the best Marijuana Strains to Enjoy this Christmas?

We’ve made a list of the top four strains suggested by expert medical marijuana doctors to enjoy this Christmas. Let’s take a quick look at them.

Here are the Best Marijuana Strains to enjoy this Christmas:

Space Jill

The holiday season is surely an exhausting time. So, how about we start it with something energizing? Meet Space Jill! This amazing Sativa-dominant hybrid can offer you all the energy to increase your productivity and creativity this holiday season. Space Hill has the genetics of the Space Queen and has a THC level between 19 and 28 percent. This makes it able to offer you a nice euphoric and uplifting high. But hey, I must warn you, if you have just passed your 420 evaluations and haven’t tried cannabis before, it might not be a great pick for you. Even slight over consumption of Spice Jill sometimes can leave you very anxious and paranoid. So beware!

Purple Voodoo

Have never tried cannabis before? If so, this Christmas, purple voodoo would make perfect sense to you. This hybrid strain is perhaps the least potent strains on our list. With a THC level of just 7 percent and CBD around 1 percent, this is the one strain that you can go for without thinking too much.

The effects of purple voodoo are quite relaxing and breezy. After consuming it, it’s quite normal to find yourself talking too much and feeling at ease with whatever company you have. The strain also has the ability to boost your mood, which may help medical patients to enjoy this Christmas with a little ease.

White Widow

Christmas is usually the time we spend with our friends and family. However, this year, things are a little different. The pandemic has made it difficult for a lot of people, who are working away, to travel back homes. And loneliness during Christmas, trust me, can turn into stress very quickly.

In that case, white widow might be the perfect choice for you.

White widow is one of the most loved marijuana strains in the world. This amazing hybrid, with a THC level of 19 percent, has the ability to fill you up with a fantastic energy burst and offer you a nice euphoric high. But hey, despite this positive effect, white widow may leave you couch-locked, especially towards the end of the session. Also, the effects are relaxing enough to get you through your unwanted holiday stress.

Northern Light

Well, when we are talking about the best strains to try this Christmas, the list can’t be considered complete without a mention of Northern Light. This particular strain, trust me, has everything you need during the holidays. As we said earlier, holiday time can be pretty hard on us. And it’s quite common for people to become uneasy and anxious. Worst of all, this time can take a toll on our sleep too.

To handle all this, sometimes, we need a helping hand. And this help comes in the form of Northern Light. This amazing Indica-dominant strain has the ability to calm your nerves almost instantly. The relaxing effects of it are simply unmatched. And it can help you induce a good night’s sleep in almost no time. A full package for this Christmas!